Jobs Training & Suppliers

Queensland individuals and businesses are encouraged to learn more about Queen’s Wharf Brisbane and the potential opportunities to get involved.

The size and scale of Queen’s Wharf Brisbane will provide significant jobs, training and supplier opportunities for Queenslanders – during both construction and operational phases.


Construction Jobs

Onsite works will ramp up as the Queen’s Wharf Brisbane development progresses, with construction workers reaching a peak in 2021.

To build Queen’s Wharf Brisbane, a wide range of roles from the Queensland construction industry will be required including:

  • machine operators
  • crane operators
  • general labourers
  • service trades
  • steel fixers
  • form workers
  • finishing trades
  • concreters.

Onsite job opportunities should be discussed with the contractors managing the different work packages.


p. 1800 931 760 (toll free)
e. queenswharfbrisbane@multiplex.global


p. 1800 413 951 (toll free)
e. queenswharf@fitzgeraldconstructions.com.au


Operational Jobs and Training

Queen’s Wharf Brisbane is expected to create 8,000 roles once fully operational. A recruitment process will be undertaken closer to the expected opening. Meanwhile, current job and training opportunities may be available now through The Star Entertainment Group.

The types of operational roles that will become available include:

  • food and beverage
  • hotel reception
  • events and sales
  • facilities management
  • retail
  • gaming product and development
  • safety and security
  • leisure and entertainment
  • a variety of corporate roles.

For more information about future opportunities, as well as current training programs available, please refer to www.starentertainmentgroup.com.au/careers-training

Construction and Operational Suppliers

Destination Brisbane Consortium will look for suppliers and contractors that consistently deliver high quality goods and/or services, and that will help differentiate its offer to the market. Some of the qualities we will look for in potential suppliers include those that:

  • have an exceptional safety and behaviour record
  • are market leaders
  • understand our industries
  • are environmentally sustainable
  • can scale to a development of Queen’s Wharf Brisbane’s significant size
  • are flexible to meet our changing business requirements and Queen’s Wharf Brisbane’s growth
  • embrace employee diversity
  • operate with good governance and transparency
  • are cost-competitive
  • can service our Brisbane location.

Construction Suppliers

Destination Brisbane Consortium has engaged with the Industry Capability Network (ICN) to provide a clear process for potential suppliers to register their interest. To view the packages currently available please visit www.queenswharfbrisbane.icn.org.au.

Operational suppliers

Queen’s Wharf Brisbane will require a range of unique goods and services once operational.

Where possible, ‘quintessentially Queensland’ products will be sought to help deliver local spirit and authentic experiences for guests.

Supplier opportunities exist today with lead consortium partner, The Star Entertainment Group. Individuals or companies can register their interest at www.starentertainmentgroup.com.au/suppliers.